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    1945 s;el itIY ibXbyuer pr sdR;r ek. Am p;inKr t-;r ib%*;t India and the Indian Ocean geNh ile%izeln ''The first question that faces us is whether India can, within a measurable time, become a naval power.... Admiral Mahan, the theorist of sea power, laid down six conditions as determining the growth of naval power in relation to modern states: geographical position, physical conformation, extent of  territory, population, national characteristics, and governmental institutions (to which must be added scientific achievement and industrial strength).''    
&;retr enowsink blbOi sMpekR in ele%n ''India has undoubtedly an ideal geographical position for a naval power. Her geographical  position controls the seas vital to her: the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Her peninsular character gives her influence over vast stretches of sea. though she is lacking in protected sea areas, exce pt the Gulf of Kutch, she has a preeminently maritimeposition on which to base a strong navy.'' &;retr pkUlbtIR aelr ai/b;sIr; aqR;_ jr;t eqek piXcm be^r littoral states Ar n;ibkr; m;lb;hI y;]Ib;hI b; wsinkb;hI j;h;ej piXcem Eer;p eqek pUebR j;p;n pyR*Nt keYk h;j;r bzr /er ey b;i,ij*k s;'Oitk s&*t;mUlk \ s;m;j*ps;rI ai&y;n c;ileYizeln t; a;j sbRjnibidt.
    a;rb \ be^;p;s;ger l;=; \ s;Nd;m;n inek;br Ippuer abSh;n seN/ sdR;r p;i,Kr ele%n
''The possession of the Andamans and the Nicobars gives to India strategic bases which if fully utilised in co-ordination with air power, can convert the Bay o Bengal into a secure area... The Laccadives (a;jekr Lakshadweep  b; l;=;Ip provide a protective barrier and some of the islands in the group can be converted into heligolands- impregnable from the point of view of defence but hardly useful as naval bases.'' ikNtu bEi$ el%;r p;Y 60 b_sr per ib+;n \ n;n;rkm s;mirk e=p,;eS]r prm _kWR l;e&r pirepi=et a;jekr smrib+;nIr; men kern ey l;=;Ippuer enowsink \ strategic b; wsn;pt*s';Nt significance b; tB a;Nd;m;n \ inek;br Ippu eqek ek;n a'ex km nY ibexW ker p;ikt;n Ab' a;er; keYki$ Esl;mIY edexr a;rb s;gerr er \ r piXcem abSh;enr jn*.
    &;rt mh;s;gerr Eith;s
The Indian Ocean  geNh Alan Villiers ile%ezn ''The Andamans have always been on old Indian Ocean charts smud;idr m;nic] used by eastern navigators. The Arabs trading to Malacca and to China knew them well. Marco Polo saw them on his way home from China.'' ptuRgIj n;ibkr; l;=;Iepr aiSttB pqm j;net p;ern y%n &;e; d; g;m; em;j;ik bNderr k;ez a;rb s;gr p;r hb;r eex* d;&;en Ebn m;ijd (Davane Ibn Majid) n;em Ak jr;it navigator b; eno pqpdxRk s;h;y* enn. m;ijedr chart aqR;_ enom;nice] l;=;Iepr abSh;n suict izl. 
    n;n;rkm b;i,ij*k \ s;mirk k;re, keYk xt;I /er r \ pUbR AixY; Ab' an*;n* al eqek di=, AxIY jle=] ai/k;r b; AE Al;k;Y bNdr Sh;penr ec; heY a;sez. keYk dxk pUebR m;lK; p,;lIet j;h;j cl;cl ebe y;\Y;r dn q;El*;er m;Z%;n ideY ; p,;lI
(Kraa Canal) k;$;r kq; heYizl. AE p,;lI yid k;$; het; et; pUbRpiXcm j;h;j y;t;Y;t aenk b;et; y;];peqr wd`*R aenk kem eyt Ab' q;E edexr a;iqRk p;cuyR* aenk ebe eyt. ikNtu q;El*;eb;sIr; AE pkLpi$ n;kc ker edn k;r, \-r; \-edr edx i%it kret c;n in.
    r;ixY; gt 150 b_ser ebx keYkb;r a;fg;inSt;n a;m, kerizl dui$ k;re, epe$;ilY;m %in a/u*iWt Al;k; ai/k;r kr; \ per a;rb s;gerr jel keYki$ bNdr Sh;pn kr;. pqem ibi$x esn; nib'x xt;Iet
The Far Pavilion pn*;es Ar ibSt;irt ibbr, a;ez Ab' per a;emirk;r sh;Yt;Y p;ikSt;n \ a;fg;n esn; keYk dxk pUebR r;ixY;r esn;b;ihnIek ipzu h$et b;/* ker. 
    cIn edexr\ Aidek yeq tI= njr a;ez. p;ikSt;enr dui$ b bNdr \ m;Y;nm;er
Myanmar  &UtpUbR bmR; aNtt" Aki$ b bNdr cIn Sh;pn kerez s;mirk r;jwnitk \ b;i,ij*k k;re,. sMpit &;rt cIn ''buy - buy  b; b;i,ij*k elnedn cui b; Memorandum of Understanding  s;=r h\Y;et keYk h;j;r bzerr puer;en; silk route b; erxm mh;pq Iibt hb;r s;bn; ebe egez. AE mh;pqi$r Aki$ x;%; l;s; eqek di=e, Aes sIm;Nt p;r heY n;qul; eqek g;'$k heY ixili ideY ek;lk;t; pyR*Nt erl \ r;St; s'ey;g Sh;pn kreb Ab' AE peq cIn edexr di=, \ di=,pUbR AixY; a;ifk; \ Eer;epr s;eq j;h;j ey;eg a;md;nI \ r;nIr pq %uel yeb. A%nk;r smud peqr c;Eet AE peq durtB kem y;\Y;et %rc \ smY aenk kem y;eb. izl Ak k;l y%n AE erxm peq b; cInedx eqek erxemr bS] hStixLp \ an*;n* s;mgI e`;;r b; aXbterr ipe# b; &;rtIY b;cIn; ximkedr m;q;Y keYk h;j;r m;El p;r heY ep-ozet; &;ret piXcm AixY;Y \ Eer;ep. itt eqek a;set; a;lur bIj Y*;k (Yak) Ar l*;j k-;c; pxm \ erxmbS] &;r eqek eyet; pxim b; suitr bS] muid%;n;r ijins e&Wj \ &inj \Wu/ mxl;p;it \ lb,. a;r a;j p;bn a;seb sb rkm software, hardware yN]p;it wbdu*itk \ wbdu*itn _p;idt bStu ebx&UW; ic i]c ctucRy;n \ a;r\ aenk ikzu.
   AE pirepi=et buZet p;r; y;eCz ey a;medr itnidekr s;muidk aelr &inj jlj \ p;cIn XbyR z;;\ an* aenk k;re, a;m;edr Ipilr r;jwnitk \ s;mirk tb aenk ebe egez Ab' esE k;re,E &;rtIY srk;r AE Ipilet ebx keYki$ Shl wsink b;Yu wsink enowsink \ t$r=k b;ihnIr
(Coast Guard) ixibr Sh;pn kerezn Ab' y;r s'%*; dӲt b;;en; heCz.
   a;Nd;m;n inek;br km;
(Andaman and Nicobar Command - ANC) : 

      per; ibWY ki$ ibebcn; ker &;rt srk;r Aki$ Andaman and Nicobor (Unified) Command g#enr kq; e`;W,; kerezn 1l; ae;br 2001 s;el. y;et q;keb &;ret itni$ esn; \ t;r s;eq Coast Guard b; t$r=k b;ihnI. Ai$r entOtB krebn Akjn km;;rEncIf (CINC) iyin idIr itni$ esn;r Chiefs of Staff Committee r nIec k;j kern. Ar d;iYetBr me/* q;keb "
k sb ki$ Iepr \ t;r p;XbRbtIR smud \per \ g&Ier Ab' \perr b;Yu aelr inr;p;. 
% j;h;j cl;celr jlpq e%;l; \ inr;pd r;%;.
g AE jlpeq ek;en; seNdhjnk ibm;n j;h;j Et*;idr piShit b; y;t;Y;t er;/ kr;. 
` Ipilr c;irp;exr Akeci$Y; aeqR;_p;dnk;rI aelr
(Exclusive Economic zone) inr;p; Ab' s;muidk sMpedr ec;r; c;l;n bN/ r;%;.
ذ AE aelr c;iridekr smued smudtel Ab' b;Yumel x]r j;h;j @ueb;j;h;j ibm;n b; e=p,;S] eqek inr;p;.
c AE sb ael x] sN];sb;dI b; ani/k;r pebxk;rI p;,Ij jlj b; %inj sMpedr tredr ibe sxS] phr; eg;r b; yeq aS] b*bh;r. 
   &;retr t$er%; eqek ge 1200 ikel;im$;r duretB abiSht a;Nd;m;n inek;br Ippuer 573i$ Iepr y;r me/* m;] 38i$ m;nb a/*iWt rtm eqek di=,tm Iepr ibStOit p;Y 900 ikel;im$;r. e=]fl 8300 bgRikel;im$;r ikNtu
exclusive economic zone 300000 bgRikel;im$;r y;r eqek a;m;edr s;muidk XbeyRr ibSt;r piremY. AE Al;k;r pUebR bi,Rt XbyR z;;\ ibx;l pirm;e, jB;l;nI g*;s etl \ bmUl* /;tur abSh;enr pm;, p;\Y; egez Eitme/*E. &;retr puer; exclusive  economic zone Ar Ai$ Ak tOtIY;'exr ebxI.
   ep;$R ebY;er Aki$ 11000 fu$ b; duEm;Eelr ebxI l; ibm;n
all-weather ibm;n ixibr wtrI heCz t$ r=k \ enoesn; b;ihnI smud;el p;h;r;r beNd;bSt kerezn. Shl esn; \ enoesn; b;ihnI amphibious b; &cr b;ihnIek \ enowsink marines edr marine hl enoesn;r Shlyuer ej;Y;n em;t;eYn kerezn b;Yuesn; xix;lI er@;r (radar) n;n j;Yg;Y l;igeYezn \ n;n;rkm ibm;enr e;Y;@n abiSht kerezn.
   AE Ippuer rtm p;Nt eqek m;Y;nm;err ek;ek;s
(Cocos Islands) Ippu m;] 44 ikel;im$;r dUer abiSht di=,tm p;Nt EiNdr; peYN$ (Indira Point) eqek EeNd;enixY;r sum;]; Iepr a*;esh (Aceh) bNdr m;] 180ikel;im$;r. b;l; edexr dUrtB 1630 ik im m;Y;nm;r 340 ik im. q;El*; 540 ik im m;leYixY; 840 ik im Ab' EeNd;enixY; 180 ik im. &;rtIY itni$ p/;n bNdr ek;lk;t; i&x;%;pnm \ ec;E AE Ippu eqek ge 1400 ik im dUer abiSht. dui$ Ippuer m;Z%;en a;ez 145 ik im c\; Ten Degree Channel  b; dx i@gI p,;lI y; gt p-;c h;j;r b_sr /er b*bh;r heY a;sez p;c* \ p;Xc;et*r y;t;Y;etr smudpq iheseb. A eqekE AE aelr tB %;ink$; anu/;bn kr; y;Y. di=, pUbR AixY;Y ey ek;n r;jwnitk s;mirk `n`$;r z;Y; ey A%;en peb \ y;et &;retr ibjit hb;r s;bn; %ubE ebxI t; bl;E b;l*.

a;m;edr ink$ \ dUriSht pitebxI mlI "

   a;m;edr pitebxI r;Ӈilr me/* bmR; b; m;Y;nm;err s;eq a;m;edr sMpkR seN/ yeq sectnt; a;m;edr me/* enE. &;retr r pUbR ael n;n;rkm sms*;r jen* %;ink$; d;YI AE aelr duE idek cIn \ m;Y;nm;err abiShit. AE dui$ edexr me/* r;jwnitk b;i,ij*k \ s;mirk hd*t; \ elnedenr jen* aenk rkm `$n; `$;r s;bn; a;ez y;r ikzu$; be^;ps;ger Ab' esE peq di=, cIn s;ger \ &;rt mh;s;ger qel pet p;er ey ek;n smY. AE hYet; heb &;retr m;Y;nm;rek gt 55 b_ser yeq sm;n n; ed%;en;r d;m.
   W;e$r dxek m;Y;nm;err s;eq a;Nd;m;n Ippuer keYki$ Iepr m;ilk;n; ineY &;retr ikzu mte&d hY Ab' p;Y 25 b_sr n;n;rkm a;el;cn;r pr &;rt
(Cocos Islands) ek;ek;s Ippu 1987 s;el m;Y;nm;rek hSt;Ntirt ker. Eiteme/* 1984 s;el m;Y;nm;r n;rek;@;m n;em Aki$ Ipek d%l krb;r bOq; ec; ker Ab' &;retr AE Ipi$r \pr s;bRe&omt; Ik;r ker. 1993 s;el q;El*; m;Y;nm;r \ &;rtIY pitini/r; Akwb#ek AE is;Nt enn. A z;; cInedexr s;eq h;t imileY m;Y;nm;err military junta b; s;mirk r;pirWd \ edexr piXcm te$r er Sttiwe is$\eY eqek di=, Victoria point Ar me/* p-;ci$ ntun b;i,ij*k \ s;mirk bNdr wtrI krez eg$ ek;ek;s (Great Cocos) Iep Aki$ xix;lI er@;r e$xn (radar  station) Aki$ r;n\eY \ Aki$ enoixibr wtrI krez Ab' cInedx eqek m;Y;nm;err e&tr ideY be^;p;s;gr pyR*Nt Aki$ r;St; ndI \ erl sMpkR Sh;pn kr;r ec; krez. A z;; b m;Y;nm;rI y;edr me/* k*;ernr;E (Karen) ebxI r a;Nd;m;enr Iep bsb;s kr; kerez.
   be^;ps;ger inejedr xi b;;b;r jen* q;El*;\ aenk ikzuE krez. a*;emirk;r s;h;ey* a;/uink s;mirk aS] ibm;n j;h;j Et*;id ej;g; kr; heYez Aesez ibm;nb;hI j;h;j y;et a;ez
STOL (Short Take - off and Landing) \ VTOL (Vertical Take -Off and Landing)  j^I ibm;n 20000 marines sh Aki$ amphibious b; &cr enoesn; b;ihnI wtrI heYez eb;m; ibm;n \ e=,;S]\ a;sez \ Aesez. men hY di=, cIn s;gr (South China Sea) eqek adUr &ibW*et Royal Thai Navy  m;l;K; p,;lI ideY pebx ker be^;ps;ger &;g bs;b;r ec; kreb.
ASEAN \ di=, AxIY Esl;mIY edexr s;eq m;leYixY;r kU$wnitk sMpkR yeq &;el;. ikNtu di=, cIn s;ger ey &;eb cIn a-;$`;$ eb-e/ inejedr p&;b ibSt;err ec; krez t; m;leYixY;r ec;e% %ub &;el; e#kez n;. A edexr s;mirk b;ihnI yeq xix;lI ikNtu t;r enowsink ey;g*t; a;r\ b;;en; pyR*Nt cIenr k;ez m;q; n;imeYE r;%et heb. Eitme/* AE edex Esl;mIY fundamentalism b; /mIRY aN/ibXb;s m;q; c;; ideY #et kerez y; a;Ntj;itRk sMpkRek ibge edb;r =mt; r;e%.
   is^;puerr s;eq &;retr wm]I bidn eqek dO is^;pur enoesn;r s;eq &;rtIY enoesn;r yumh; bidn /er cel a;sez. 1973 s;el a;im nIligir j;h;ej AErkm Aki$ mh;Y a'xgh, kerizl;m Ab'
Seacat surface-to-air missile b; e=p;,;eS]r b*bh;r pt*= kerizlm s;fel*r s;eq. eyehtu is^;puerr xir _s b;i,j* t;r s;mirk b;ihnI\ %ubE xix;lI. a;/uink s;bemirn dUrg;mI airborne warning and control aircraft system (AWACS) Nt abSh;Y EN/n srbr;h. Cc ekoxlI Shl esn;b;ihnI Et*;id sbE a;ez. teb a;m;edr edexr met; Aedr\ dui$ p/;n icNt; Esl;mIY /mIRY aN/ibXb;s b; fundamentalism Ar ps;r y; EeNd;enixY; eqek s'imt heCz Ab' cInedexr edx sMps;rk gitibi/ b; c;lcln \ t;r s;eq n;n; rkm mik.
   p;#ekr men a;ez hYet; ey 1965 s;el &;rt p;ikSt;n yue EeNd;enixY;r r;pit suk;enR; p;ikSt;n enoesn;r s;h;ey* EeNd;enixY;r s;bemirn sh enowsink yuj;h;j p;#;et eceYizeln. /u t;E nY
Indian Ocean Ar n;m \ Indonesian Ocean A pirbitRt kret eceYizeln. aenk r;jwnitk /;imRk \ imil$;ir q;l p;q;elr per\ AE edex stability b; iShrt; puer;puir a;esin p/;nt" /mIRY fundamentalism keYki$ a'exr ;/Int; yu c;l;en; Ab' cInedxIY ai/b;sIedr s;eq ethnic b; j;itgt ibe&edr k;re,. A edexr itni$ esn;b;ihnIE yeq a;/uink \ xix;lI. teb A edexr s;eq &;retr Aki$ defence co-operation treaty sE hb;r pr prSpr wm]I bj;Y a;ez. a;m;edr j;h;j \ edex igeY hydrographic survey b; m;nic]i&ik smuedr g&Irt; innReYr k;ej \ edxek s;h;y* krez. sum;];r Aceh pedexr ibedhIedr k;bu kret EeNd;enixY;r enoesn;ek &;rtIY enoesn; n;n; &;eb s;h;y* krez.
   p;ikSt;in pi]k;Y Aki$ ibWeY a;j\ a;el;cn; clez. t; hl ;/Int;r smY 1947 s;el y%n edx &;g hY t%n a;Nd;m;n inek;br Ippuer Aki$ a'x pUbR p;ikSt;nek ed\Y; ict izl Ab' es &ul a;jek\ s'ex;/n kr; y;Y. pqem AE a;el;cn;i$ek a;k;xkusum rcn;r pyR;eY efl; heYizl ikNtu sMpit keYki$ icNt;jnk `$n; `$et kerez. 2002 s;elr jun m;es a;Nd;m;enr k*;el ebr
(Cambell Bay) k;ez Aki$ p;ikSt;in s;bemirn ed%; igeYizl. b;l;edx eqek Esl;mI /emR aN/ibXb;sIr; /Ier /Ier AE Ipilet epo-ez y;eCz. ex;n; y;Y a;l k;Yd;r j^Ir; Ab' p;ikSt;in ISI Ar crr; b;^l;edex sum;];r Aceh pedex Ab' aLps'%*;Y ejeledr \ ec;r;c;l;n k;rIedr enoek;Y a;Nd;m;en ep-oez y;eCz. a;mr; s;b/;n n; hel adUr &ibW*et Esl;mIY ibed;ehr a;egYigir AE ael jBletE p;er.
   pUbR;x; Ip ineY bzr kui a;eg b;^l;edexr s;eq a;m;edr bcs; heYizl AkE k;re,. b;l;edx srk;r A%en; a;Nd;m;enr idek h;t b;;b;r kq; etmn g&Ir&;eb &;ebn in men hY. teb b;l;edxI enoesn; \ b;Yuesn; yeq xi ajRn kr;r pr abSh; ik d-;;eb bl; ki#n.
   cIn edx &;rtek t;r
super - power b; mh;xix;lI edx hb;r peq Aki$ pitbN/k \ b;i,ij*k yue p/;n pitNI iheseb g,* ker. AE jen* &;retr itr peq n;n;rkm b;/; sOi kr;E Aedxr pr r;nIit. &;retr c;iridekr r;j*ilek aS]xS] Ab' a;nibk \ an*;n* ibWYk technology b; anuxIln peY;g ibi/ srbr;h ker a;m;edr edxek cIn ek;n#;s; kr;r ec; ker celez aibrt. b;l;edex \ m;Y;nm;er wsink piShitr pr A%n p;ikSt;enr eg;Y;d;r (Gwadar) bNdri$ek deep sea port A ibkixt \ sMps;irt krez cIn. ebx eb;Z; y;eCz ey AE &;eb /Ier /Ier du Ak dxekr me/*E cIenr s;mirk ae;p;s t;r a&Uj be^;ps;gr &;rt mh;s;gr \ a;rb s;gerr idek b;ieY edb;r EeCz r;e%.
   di=, \ di=,pUbR AixY;r cInedexr p&;ebr sMps;r, p;ikSt;enr shey;gIt;Y \s;m; ibn l;edenr a;l k;Yd;r sN];sb;d a;fg;inSt;n \ Er;ekr pr Esl;mIY edex a;emirk;r pit ij`;'s; 11E eseP$r 2001 Ar `$n;r pr a;emirk;r aitir s;b/;nt; Ab' j;p;n di=, ek;irY; \ t;Y\Y;nek s;h;y* kr; wtl \ an*;n* p,*b;hI j;h;jilr a;emirk; y;];r peq inr;p;r beNd;bSt kr; Et*;id n;n;k;re, a;emirk; a;j &;retr s;eq smeZt; bj;Y r;%et c;Y. AE k;re, Ab' k;xIr s';Nt b*;p;er a;emirk; y;et ayq; p;ikSt;nek s;h;y* n; ker t;r jn* a;m;edr edx n;n; &;eb a;emirk;ek sh;Yt; edb;r ec; krez. AE k;re,E &;rtIY enoesn;r xix;lI yuj;h;j a;emirk;n p,*b;hI j;h;jek m;l;K; p,;lI ideY inr;l;&;eb p;r;p;er s;hy* krez ebx ikzuidn /er. Akjn ibexW+ il%ezn
''Against this backdrop. one can see a distinct congruence of interests between India and the US in this region. and there is a need to build on it.''
A z;; AE Al;k;r a;r\ itni$ a;&*NtrI, sms*; ineY &;rt gt p; b_sr /er ibbt a;ez. esil hl
k cIn eqek a;r ker p;ikSt;n pyR*Nt b edexr ep;c;rr;
(poacher b; ec;r; c;l;nk;rI a;m;edr exclusive  economic zone A Aes jl eqek \ ipil eqek n;n;rkm m;z \ an*;n* p;,I n;rek;l Et*;id cuir ker. n;n;rkm ic'i i$n; j;tIy m;z s;muidk kumIr h;r sea cucumber n;em Aki$ s;muidk jIb x pb;l Et*id n;n;rkm ijineWr s;r; pOiqbIet %ubE c;ihd;. ikNtu Ail kem egl be^;ps;gerr ecological b; b;Stb* smt; bj;Y r;%; ki#n heb. Akm;] 2001 s;elE es%;n eqek 88 i$ ibedxI trawler m;z /r; motor  boat /r; heYez Ab' 700 n;ibkek eg;r kr; heYez.
Drug _p;denr Goldn triangle eqek n;n;rkm m;dkdb* aS]xS] Et*;id p,* ideY ec;r;E c;l;nk;rIr; A peqE trawler Ar zdebex y;t;Y;t ker. bmR;r ikzu k;rb;rI xIl;r Al. i$. i$. Er aS] srbr;hk;rI p;ikSt;enr  ISI  Ab' AL Qaeda A peqE t;edr ibeSf;rk pd;qR edxeqek edex eg;pen p;c;r ker.
g bidn /er AE Ipilet eba;EnI ai&b;sn b;
illegal immigration cel a;sez. m;Y;nm;r eqek cIn pyR*Nt b edexr m;iZ c;WI dU:kOitk;rI ec;r; c;l;nkrI Et*;id eg;pen AE sb Iep Aes bsb;s krez t;edr b*bs; \ jIibk; p;ln Ab' per AE Ipilek t;edr edexr a'x iheseb d;bI krb;r jen*.
   &;rtIY srk;r Ab' a;m;edr ctuesRn;b;ihnI dӲtebeg AE Ipilet sur=;r b*bSh; kret t_pr heYez. ep;$R ebY;er r;n\eY z;;\ Aki$ suri=t ep;t;xY @kEY;@R yuj;h;ejr rsd &;;r epenr h*;^r Shlesn;r k*;N$unemN$
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1 Defending India -  Jaswant Singh
2 From Surprise to Reckoning - K. Subrahmanyam
3 Evolution of the Joint Andaman Command- Vice Admiral Arun Prakash
4 The United Service Institution of India Journal. January-March  2003 
5 India and he Indian Ocean- Sardar K.M. Panikkar
6 The Indian Ocean- Alan Villiers
7 el%ekr gt 30 bzerr anusN/;n men;g;f \ an*;n* rcn;. 

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smud[ mNqn 8 " a;Nd;m;n \ inek;br &;retr s;muidk phrI
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