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   ln Ein&;risi$r a;NtjR;itk r;jnIitr a/*;pk xIsunIl i%ln;inr 1997 s;el el%; Aki$ s;; j;g;en; bE 'An Idea of India' s;r; pOiqbIr buijIbIedr dOi a;kWR, ker. bEi$ seN/ lenr The Sunday Telegraph \ The Telegraph yq;em ele%n 'Khilnani's meditation on India is a tour de force' \ 'It is extremely important and elegantly written'; a;r amtR* esn ele%n 'Spirited, combative and insight-filled.......... a splendid and timely book.'
      AE bEeY a;m;edr p;kSb;/Int; yuegr r;jwnitk ent;edr seN/ xIi%ln;in ile%ezn" The poet and critic A.K. Ramanujan once wrote, 'One way of defining diversity of India is to say what an Irishman is said to have said about trousers. When asked whether trousers were singular or plural , he said that trousers are singular at the top and plural at the bottom. But Indian nationalism before independence was plural even at the top, a dhoti with endless folds. Its diversity was emblematically incarnated in the gallery of characters who constituted the nationalist pantheon, a pantheon whose unageing, cherub- like faces are still on display, painted with garish affection, on calendars and posters or moulded into just recognisable statues and figures in tea-shops and cross- roads across the country.'
1946 s;elr 18E eqek 20ex efbӳY;rI rY*;l EiY;n eni&et ey ibed;h (k'egesr &;W;Y /mR`$) hY t; ey a;m;edr Sb;/Int; s'g;emr exW yu izl /u ibed;h nY(the last bullet fired in the last and most significant battle in our last war of independence) t; i%ln;inr met; inrep= r;jnIitr ith;isekr; a;j buZet p;rezn;. a;er; eb;Z; y;eCz ey a;m;edr t_k;lIn r;jwnitk ent;edr gerontocratic (bOedr a;i/pt*du) \ &;rtIY kkR$sul& men;bOir jen*E rY*;l EiY;n eni&r ibed;hI bIr n;ibkr; c;krI h;ireY Sb;/Int; s'g;mI iheseb freedom fighters' pension pI b%ixs z;; a;r ikzuE p;nin Ab' t-;edr n;m a;j\ edexr jns;/;re,r k;ez a+;t.
   edx&;egr per gt 55 bzer el%; a;m;edr Sb;/Int; s'g;emr Eith;es\ icr;cirt&;eb ibbOt hagiographic b; b*ii&ik k;yRkl;epr ibbr, z;; ibexW ikzu p;\Y; y;Y n;. g;em g;em tO,mUl Ster xherr gilet gilet b; sxS]b;ihnIr g[Ie:r aiGnt met xIetr tuW;rbOt p;h;e bWR;Y Pl;ibt &;n/r; ndIet b; s;r; bzr g&Ir smued phr; ed\Y;r s;eq s;eq ey&;eb edxmuir kq; &;b; heYizl Ab' b shs p;, _sgR kr; heYizl t;r ibbr, j;Yg; p;Yin @;" t;r;c-;d Et*;idr mt srk;ir ey; kum ith;iskedr bEeYr p;t;Y.
   ikNtu a;j s;r; ibxB j;en ey 1946 s;elr &;rtIY enowsink ibed;h 200 bzerr ibi$x s;m;j*b;edr kifen e#;k; exW elohxl;k;. a;,ibk piY;Y etjiSYt;r b; radioactivity r eymn criticality a;es y;r per ek;en; piY;etE t; q;m;en; y;Y n; &;rtIY Sb;/Int; s'g;em &;rtIY enoesn;b;ihnIr ibed;hI n;ibkr; Aen ideYizeln esE criticality. sxS]b;ihnIr ibed;ehr pr ey &;rt eze y;\Y; z;; a;r ek;en; p;Y enE t; ibi$x srk;r &;el;&;ebE buZet p;r;et keYkm;esr me/*E AE pmh;edxek Sb;/Int; ed\Y;r is;Nt inet t;r; b;/* hY @;;r remxcNd mjumd;err smeg;]IY ith;iskr; a;j m;nezn ey AE kq; anSbIk;yR.
   &;ret ibi$x enoesn; aqR;_ rY*;l EiY;n eni&r sUcn; hY 5E eseP$r 1612 s;el (pl;xIr yuer p;Y edex; bzr a;eg) eyidn k*;eP$n ehiS$'sAr entOetB keYki$ ry*;l eni&r j;h;j Aes en;r efel jr;etr surt bNder. esE smYk;r p;let;l; m;l;b;r $Ik k;#inimRt j;h;j em 1830 s;el b;:pIY Ein \ ESp;etr k;#;em; \ p;$;tenr s;h;ey* git b;ieY yeq pr;mxIl heY \e#. 1939 s;el itIY ibxByuer p;K;el AE enoesn;Y izl a;$i$ j;h;j keYki$ em;$reb;$ Ab' 1500 aifs;r \ eri$' (n;ibkedr t%n rating bl; ht A%n bl; hY sailor). ikN\ zbzr b;ed 1945 s;el y%n mh;yu exW hY t%n t; dӳt bOi epeY Aki$ ibx;l enob;ihnIet pir,t hY 300i$ j;h;j \ 25000 aifs;r \ eri$'. A-edr j;itgt
(ethnic) kOi /mR ix=; &;W; \ s;m;ijk dOi \ icNt;&i^et izl aenk pe&d. ikNtu sb;rE izl an*;eYr ibe pitb;d krb;r adm* s;hs. a;r A-r;E izeln &;retr exW Sb;/Int; s'g;emr kere^ EeY mere^ xS]flk.
   enoesn; ibed;h hY 18E efbӳY;rI 1946 s;el ey idni$ a;m;edr Sb;/Int; a;eNd;lenr Eith;es b;'l;edexr &;W; idbs 21ex efbӳY;rIr met;E Bl heY q;keb. enoesn;Y Shlixibr b; naval base, bNdr b; cantonment ek\ j;h;j iheseb ai&iht kr; hY. Aedr bl; hY stone frigate b; pStrep;t b; Shlep;t. enoesn; ibed;eh ey Shlep;t \ jlep;t a'xgh, kerizl esil hl"

Shlep;t " tl\Y;r mzilm;r eni&e@ep; h;ml; k;k;ir ict; a;kbr \ ifer;j.
jlep;t " nmRd; ymun; /nux eg;\Y;n; a;s;m m;r;#; isnu kum;Yun k;iqY;b; %;Eb;r p;;b be m*;@;s iW*; aey;/*; k;E& lerNs a;g; k$k kr;cI l;eh;r m;dur; ni$l;s n;isk p;$n; pu,; r;mpur ebr;r amOtsr ek;icn nIlm em;it l;l hIr; kl;btI r;md;s dIp;btI \ &d;btI.
Shlep;t " b;h;dur cmk \ ihm;lY.
jlep;t " ihNduSt;n i]b;ur \ em;$r l 1262
Shlep;t " a;i@Y;r
Shlep;t " gil y; a;j  a;E
.An.As. ent;jI su&;W n;em pirict)
jlep;t " r;jput;n;
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jlep;t " ber;d; \ keYki$ l
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jlep;t " es;m;btI a;emd;b;d \ ixl'
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Shlep;t " EiY; (s;q bekr ipzen)
a;Nd;m;n inek;br
jlep;t " er;ihl% h'k' e@k;n eb^l ibh;r ebluicSt;n \ kO;
&;retr b;Eer
Shlep;t " @;bil i$ eS$xn
Shlep;t " @;bil i$ eS$xn
(sb imileY 21i$ Shlep;t \ 53i$ jlep;t. AE ep;tilek ibi$x a;mel bl; ht HMIS b; His Majesty's Indian Ship \ Sb;/Int;r pr bl; hY INS b; Indian Naval Ship)
    Akq; hYet; aenekr j;n; enE ey 1857 s;elr esn; ibed;eh b;;ilr; a'xgh, kerizeln bel ibed;ehr pr &;retr sxS] esn;Y b;;iledr &itR p;Y bN/ ker ed\Y; hY. ikNtu itIY ibxByue itni$ esn;b;ihnIE %ub dӳt bOi p;\Y;Y a;b;r b b;;ilek &itR kr; hY. 1946 s;elr enoesn; ibed;ehr ent; izeln Akjn b;;il Leading Telegraphist  ib.is.d eymn izeln INA ent; ent;jI su&;W cNd eb;s. eno esn; ibed;eh xI der @;nh;t izeln Akjn muslm;n n;ibk Leading seaman Am.As.%;n iyin per edx&;egr pr p;ikSt;n cel y;n. xI der b-; h;t izeln Akjn ix% n;ibk Petty Officer Telegraphist mdn is' iyin eno esn; eqek br%;St hb;r pr ibelet cel y;n Ab' A%n esE%;enE bsb;s krezn. AE ihNdumuslm;nix% triumvirate b; bIribm ent;]eYr itnjnE Ccixi=t izeln Ab' E'r;jIr \ ihNduSh;nI %ub &;l blet p;retn. Az;; itnjenr me/*E entOsul& n;n;rkm ,\ izl.
   xIib.is. d 1941 s;el enoesn;Y &itR hn \ 1946 s;el t-;ek xIAm.As. %;n \ xImdn is'eYr s;eq enoesn; eqek bih:kOt kr; hY. enoesn; z;;r pr itin ebx keYk bzr muEeYr Free Press Journal n;em Aki$ CcbegRr wdink pe] pqem s'b;d ib&;eg \ per sMp;dkIY ib&;eg k;j ker s;fl* l;& kern \ pi]k;r sMp;dekr ipY p;] heY \e#n. 1983 s;el y%n a;m;r xI der se^ s;=;_k;r hY t%n in Aki$ ib%*;t ib+;pn s'Sh;r ix%er ep-oez egezn. Ar keYk bzr pr itin absr enn \ muEeYr k;ezE Aki$ ez;| g;m ekenn Ab' \-r jr;it S]Ir s;h;ey* g;mi$ek Aki$ a;dxR pIet pir,t kern. 1983 s;el xImdn is' t-;r a;tIYSbjnedr s;eq ed%; kret idI Aesizeln esE smY t-;r se^\ a;m;r a;el;cn; hY enoesn;r s;muidk \ enowsink Eith;s ib&;eg. p;ikSt;en xIAm.As.%;enr s;eq b ec; ker\ ek;n s'ey;g Sh;pn kr; sb hYin.
   enoesn;Y q;k;k;iln xI ib
.is.der %ub sun;m izl. ibed;ehr pr t;r E'erj km;i' aifs;r km;;r ik' t-;r seN/ beln 'Dutt was misguided, honest and a good man who had been led astray by some revolutionary organisation and had officers been able to give him more of their time and told him the other side of the story, he would have proved to be an excellent rating and a credit to any navy .' Free Press Journal - Ar s;eq q;k;k;lIn pi]k;r sMp;dekr k;ez _s;h epeY xI d enoesn; ibed;ehr \pr Aki$ bE Mutiny of the Innocents', ele%n y; sbR] sm;dOt heYez. enoesn; ibed;ehr bIj bpn heYizl ebx keYk bzr a;egE. 1942 \ 1945 Ar me/* nb;r ibed;h hY Shlesn;Y b;Yuesn;Y \ enoesn;r keYki$ jlep;t \ Shlep;et. elefe$n*;N$ km;;r (per a*;@imr;l \ enoesn;r cIf) &;Skr sd;ixb es;m;n ibed;ehr pr Enquiry Commission ek belezn eseP$r 1942 s;el AEc.Am.a;E.As iW*; j;h;ej ey ibed;h hY eni&r ktR;r; t; eqek ikzuE exe%nin. A-r; &uel egezn b bzr pUebR enep;ilYenr kq; imil$;ir s;i&Res %;r;p ej;Y;n hY n; hY %;r;p aifs;r. i]x \ ciexr dxek &;rtIY Shlesn; \ b;Yuesn;r keYki$ ixiber ebx keYkb;r ey sxS] ibed;h heYizl t; ktROp= ;r; /;m;c;p; ed\Y;r fel ibed;ehr tuW;nl b bzr /er jBel itni$ esn;etE ibeSf;irt hY. enoesn; ibed;hek AE `$n; prMpr;Y Aki$ Water shed b; turning point iheseb g,* kern a;jekr ith;iskr;.
    1946 s;elr 18E efbӳY;rIr sk;el xI ib
.is. d xI Am.As. %;n \ xI mdn is'eYr entOetB muEeYr ibed;h e`;W,; kr; hY Ab' ebt;r s'ey;eg &;ret \ &;retr b;Eer p;Y sb &;rtIY Shlep;et \ jlep;et keYk `N$;r me/*E ibed;h zieY pe. Ar eW;l idn a;eg 2r; efbӳY;rI AEc.Am.As. tl\Y;r Shlep;etr p*;er@ g;Sh ey s*;lui$' p*;$femR d-;ieY esidn esirem;inY;l p*;ere@ eni& cIefr s*;lu$ enb;r kq; izl es%;en ed%; egl b b href epN$ kr; heYez 'Jai Hind' \ 'Quit India'. per j;n; y;Y AE du"s;hisk k;j kerizeln xI d inejE.
    18E t;ire%r e&;er muEeYr Shlep;etr n;ibkr; k'egs pt;k; \ b*;n;r ieY muEeYr r;jpeq Aki$ ex;&;y;]; b;r kern Ab' Loud speaker Ar s;h;ey* wCc"Sber ex;g;n idet q;ek. U.S. Information Office Ar s;men a;emirk;n j;tIY pt;k; ep;;en; hY. xherr b j;Yg;Y \ enoesn; j;h;ej m;Stuel k'egs musilm lIg \ a;E
.An.AAr jY ihNd pt;k; e;ln kr; hY Ab' eni&r An isn (En sign) \ ibi$x j;tIY pt;k; EinY;n j*;k (Union Jack) n;imeY en\Y; hY. ey j;h;jil ibed;ehr a'xgh, kerizl esEilet ibed;hI n;ibkr; inejedr aifs;redr t-;edr k*;iben bNdI b; njrbNdI ker r;e%n Ab' j;h;ejr k;m;nil bNder ibix aifs \Y;kRxp @;E@k Et*;idr idek `uireY r;e%n. ibed;hIr; muEeYr j;h;jilek t;jmhl eh;e$l eg$\eY af EiY; s;mirk \ b;i,ij*k eni&r @k EY;@R eji$ en Et*;idr idek `uireY r;e%n Ab\ ebx keYkb;r bNduekr il \ k;m;enr eg;l;bWR, kern.
   AE a;me,r pitiY;Y ibi$x ktORp= esn;b;ihnIr keYki$ erijemN$ a;ineY ibed;hIedr \pr Z-;ek Z-;ek il c;l;Y. esn;b;ihnIr b &;rtIY ej;Y;n &;rtIY enowsinkedr il bWRe,r a;edx am;n* kr;Y abSh; ji$l heY \e#. kr;cI \ an*;n* bNderr Shlep;etr \ jlep;et anup `$n; `e$.
   ibed;h cl;k;iln enoesn;r km;;rEncIf &;Es a*;@imr;l jn g$ef (John Godfrey) At eijt \ e;/;iNbt heY pen ey al EiY; eri@\ eqek pc;irt Aki$ s;b/;n b;,Iet itin beln ey ibed;hIr; a;tsmpR, n; krel itin Shlesn;r et;p a;ineY puer; &;rtIY enoesn; ieY edebn. ifL@ m;xR;l Viscount Wevell (iyin Lord Wevell n;em ebix pirict izeln) t%n &;retr &;EsrY b; bl;$. itin\ a;r\ keYkjn aenk ke a*;@imr;l g$efek =;Nt kern. teb Akq; iniXct ey in yid &;rtIY enoesn;ek sMpU,Rep /B's kr;r ec; kretn et; t;r pitiY; d;b;nel a;m;edr edx hYet; esE bzerE Sb;/Int; l;& kret p;ret;. d;m;m; b;ijeY k;m;n z-ue ex;&;y;]; b;r kern Z-;ek Z-;ek bNduekr il c;ileY ey ibed;h hY t; an;Y;es keYk sPt;ehr me/*E s;r; edex zieY Asp;r \sp;r het p;ret;; ikNtu g;N/IjI enh p*;e$l em;r;rjI Et*;id ent;edr n;n;rkm a;xB;s \ miket ibedhIr; itnidenr me/*E a;tsmpR, ker.
   itIY mh;yuer a;eg Ab' yuk;lIn j;p;in \ j;mR;inedr s;eq s;muidk em;k;ibl;Y &;rtIY n;ibkr; b;rb;r pm;, kerizeln ey yuekoxel exoyR \ bIeyR t-;r; ibi$xedr smk=. m;leY m;En suEip' ap;erxen a;r;k;n ael pkUl yue j;p;nI yu j;h;ejr se^ eg;l;ibinmeY &;retr \ ebx keYki$ an*;n* edexr t$ Ip b;i,ij*k j;h;j bNdr \ t$s'lg s;gr Al;k; r=;Y t-;r; aenk e=e] b;ik sb;EeYr a;eg izeln. ikNtu m;Een \ suib/;r (y;ek creature comfort bl; hY) ebl;Y t-;r; izeln sb;r epzen. AE %yue\ t-;r; ibi$x ktORpe=r &Y p;EeY ideYizeln itn idenE.
   AE ibed;eh ht;hetr s'%*; izl AErkm muEeY inht Akjn ibed;hI \ a;ht zjn Akjn ibi$x aifs;r inht \ Akjn a;ht Ab' dui$ Shlesn; ej;Y;n a;ht; kr;cIet inht a;$jn ibedhI n;ibk \ eti]xjn a;ht b ibi$x Shlesn; ej;Y;n a;ht; an*;n* ibed;h ekeNd b ibed;hI \ ibi$x ej;Y;n a;ht. sb ineY AE ibed;eh a'xgh, ker dxi$ Shlep;t z;p;i$ jlep;t \ c;ri$ j^I em;$reb;e$r ef;i$l; (Flotila) b; eg;I. enh p*;e$l Ab' a;r\ keYkjn r;jenitk ent; ibed;hIedr AE a;xB;s ideYizeln ey a;tsmpR, krb;r pr t-;edr sb;E c;kiret bh;l r;%; heb \ ibed;ehr k;r, dUr kr; heb. ikN a;tsmpR, kr;r prE 476 jn n;ibkek egPt;r ker per br%;St kr; hY Ab' keYkjnek k;r;jIbn \ br, kret hY. AE izl A-edr jIben Sb;/Int; s'g;em a'xgh, krb;r pyu purSk;r
   enoesn; ibed;ehr k;r, %iteY ed%et igeY p;\Y; egl aenk ikzu "
   Ak " AkE s;i&Res ibi& el;ekedr j;it b; /mR ibc;r ker t;edr m;Een \ suibe/ ed\Y; izl esidenr &;rtIY enoesn;Y ibi$x nIit. n;ibkedr ibi$x a*;'el;EiY;n &;rtIY eg;Y;nIj %I:$;n p;isR muslm;n ihNdu Et*;id j;it b; /;imRk eg;:#Iet &;g kr; ht. ibi$x \ a*;'el;EiY;n n;ibkedr m;Een izl ihNdu b; muslm;nedr m;Eenr eceY a;$ eqek dx , ebix. &;rtIY n;ibkedr %;b;r ed\Y; ht i$ b; k-;kr \ m;i$ emx;en; &;t \ @;l. ikNtu s;ehb b; a;/; s;ehbr; epetn sbikzu. &;rtIYr; e$;eme$; kip g;jr \ an*;n* si murig i@m Et*;id ek;nidnE epetn n;. AibWeY xI d belezn E'erj \ a*;'el; EiY;n n;ibkr; n;ibk heY\ izeln Aki$ a;l;d; k;s. A-edr m;Een aenk ebix izl. A-edr EinfemR k;p juet; ebL$ $uip Et*;id aenk &;el; ed\Y; ht. A-edr q;kb;r j;Yg; k*;iN$n zui$ \ an*;n* suibe/ aenk &;el; izl. erel y;t;Y;et A-r; \perr k;es eyetn a;m;edr jn* br; izl q;@R k;s. \-r; n;if (NAAFI-Navy Army Air Force Institute) k*;iN$n\ a;m;edr k*;iN$en ab;e/ eyet p;retn ikNtu a;mr; n;ifet eyet p;rt;m n;. &;rtIY n;ibkedr sb aifs;rekE s*;lu$ kret ht ikN\ s;ehb b; a;/;s;ehb n;ibkr; &;rtIY aifs;r b; Viceroy's Commission aifs;redr s*;lu$ kretn n;. a;mr; &;rtIY n;ibkr; aifs;redr emesr i]sIm;n;Y eyet p;rt;m n; ikNtu A-r; p;YE es%;en Aes aifs;redr s;eq p;n a;h;r kretn.
   A ibWeY ibed;ehr an*tm ent; xI mdn is' Ak s;=;_k;er a;m;ek beln inkO EinfmR q;k;r j;Yg; %;b;r Et*;id et; izlE t;r s;eq izl isinYr s;d; b; %;ik c;m;r n;ibk \ aifs;redr akq* g;ilg;l;j. E'erj \ a*;'el; EiY;n n;ibkr; p;Y aifs;redr smk= izl t;r perr Ster izl &;rtIY %I;nr; t;r per muslm;n \ sbRineMn a;mr; ihNdu \ ix%r;. Akidn Akjn muslm;n isinYr n;ibkek t;r Ak muslm;n bN/uek blet enizl;mA%n eqek a;im /u muslm;n n;ibkedrE pem;xenr beNd;bSt krb.
   duE " a;r Akjn &;rtIY n;ibk Ak s;=;_k;er beln &;rtIY n;ibkedr ix=;r m;n izl eCc. a;mr; p;Y sb;E ibexW ker kiminekxn ib&;egr n;ibkr; E'erj \ a*;e'el; EiY;n n;ibkedr eceY &;el; E'irij b; ihNduSh;nI j;nt;m e$kink*;l k;j b; k;gjp] ebix &;el; buZt;m \ sbrkm k;ej sm;n d= izl;m.
   itn " &;rtIY n;ibkr; EinfmR pret l; epetn k;r, at*Nt inmSterr k;pe t-;edr idR wtrI het;. xItk;elr EinfmR ede% men ht kl eke$ wtrI kr; heYez. km;;r ip
.Am. &;igRj n;em a;m;r Ak absr p;Pt shkmIR esE smY enoesn;Y bY (Boy) izeln. m;esr exeW itin m;Een epetn dx $;k;. \-r A%n\ men a;ez Akb;r g*;ilet (eni&et ikecn ek galley bl; hY) itin igeY Ak$u &;l %;b;r c;Eel kukr; e%-ikeY #et; eg;erk; b;Cc; bn gY; h*;Y ikY;?
   c;r " ihNdu \ muslm;n ibb;iht pirb;rek edexE r;%et het;. k;r, A-edr ek;en; ek;Y;$;sR ed\Y; het; n;. bzerr pr bzr zui$ n; p;\Y;Y a;tIY Sbjnedr s;i/* n; epeY j;h;ej b; b*;r;kes eqek A-edr sh*xi dӲt kem a;sizl t;r s;eq izl apm;enr pr apm;n. Akb;r Aki$ n;ibk t;r zui$r a;ebden ele% ey es t;r ibeYr peret keYk bzr a;eg j;h;ej cel a;es t;E t;r A%en; ek;en; sNt;n hYin \ t;r zui$et y;\Y; Ak;Nt peY;jn. t;r a;ebdnpe] E'erj km;i' aifs;r ele%n Ajn* et;m;r edex y;\Y;r ik peY;jn? es%;en et;m;r &;Er; a;ez t;r; AE peY;jn inXcYE em$;et p;er.
   p-;c " yu cl;k;lIn iru$emN$ ktR;r; t;;t;i esn; s'%*; b;;b;r jn* aenk imeq* pc;err s;h;ey* b Cc ixi=t &;el; `err ezelek pt;r,; kerizeln.' Join the Navy and see the world' et; izlE a;er; izl n;n;rkm pel;&n. ikNtu &itR hb;r perE am;nuiWk b*bh;r epeY ibed;ehr ix%; A-edr hdeY shejE pjBilt heYizl.
   zY " n;ibkedr &itR krb;r jn* Recruiting Officer r; elkc;r \ ep;S$;er yuer pr &;el; c;kirr pitxӳit ideYizeln sb;Eek; ikNtu 1945A yuer ab*biht perE y%n s;mirk b;ihnIr h;j;r h;j;r esn;ek demobilise kr; hY tYn t;edr punbRsitr ek;en; beNd;bStE kr; hY in. yuer eg;;etE pk;ixt 'The Navy and its Job' puiStk;Y bl; heYizl 'The RIN is mouled on the lines of the Royal Navy because, without exception, it is the oldest, the most efficient and the finest fighting service in the world. It offers better pay, promotion, treatment and amenities. The Navy needs men of intelligence and singleness of purpose who when united, will man India's warships and protect India's seabourne trade against attacks of aggression.' sb ili%t pitxӳit seB\ ainiXct &ibW*t ineY imil$;ir c;kiret 10/15 bzr pirb;err eqek dUer k;i$eY S]Ipu]semt r;St;Y d-;;en; z;; p;Y izl n; ebixr &;g n;ibekrE.
   s;t " yuk;lIn j;h;jbOir smY eni&et aifs;r en\Y; heYizl s;r; pOiqbI eqek hl*; f;Ns nr\eY r;ixY; suEe@n aeS$ilY; k;n;@; inijl*; di=, a;ifk; Et*;id y;edr ebixr &;egrE aifs;r hb;r ey;g*t; izl n;. Az;; rY*;l eni&r aenk n;ibkek yuk;lIn kimxn ideY rY*;l EiY;n eni&et aifs;err ped a;n; hY. A-edr\ aifs;r hb;r ey;g*t; izl n; blelE cel. A-edr sb;EeYr &;W;Y c;r a=err ax;lIn xer bl peY;g kq;Y kq;Y &;rtIY n;ibkedr x;iSt \ g;l;g;il ed\Y;r ae&*s q;k;Y abSh; ibeSf;rk heY e#izl. t;z;; AE aifs;rr; j;h;ejr i@i$ if{ md aitir pirm;e, p;n ker m;tl;em; kretn \ n;ibkedr se^ a;er; %;r;p b*bh;r kretn. j;h;j bNder q;k;k;lIn p;YE j;h;ejr e@ek xherr inMnSterr emeYedr Aen blm @*;iNs'Ar se^ ;m nOt* \ axIl g;n g;\Y; &;rtIYedr ec;e% em;e$E &;el; l;eg in.
   AE ibeSf;rk abSh;ek a;er; Pt kerizl ibgt 50 bzerr ibexW ker i]x \ cix dxekr r;jwnitk `$n;il y; /;ep /;ep s;mirk b;ihnIilek ibed;ehr peq ineY y;Y.
   198284 s;el A ibWeY gebW,; \ tB;nusN/;nk;el a;im ebx keYkjn ibed;hI esE smYk;r &;rtIY \ E'r;j aifs;r Ab' r;jwnitk ent;edr s;eq s;=;_ ker a;el;cn; kir. A-edr me/* izeln xIem;r;rij edx;E xImtI a,; a;sf a;il xIimnu m;s;in xI ib
.is.d xImdn is' a*;@imr;l ib.is.es;m;n a*;@imr;l As.An. ek;hil &;Es a*;@imr;l a;r.ek.As. g;N/I (Ein per ihm;cl pedexr g&Rnr heYizeln) Ab' a;r\ keYkjn ibix b*i.
   1946 s;el xImtI a,; a;sf a;il izeln akjn k'egs es;x*;ilS$ Ab' ibed;ehr a;egE itin itni$ esn;b;ihnIr ej;Y;nedr se^ s'ey;g Sh;pn kerizeln. ibed;h cl;k;el \ per itin dupe=r me/* m/*Sht;\ kerizeln. \-r se^ ed%; kret a;im igeYizl;m idir dirY;ge \-r b;iet. \-r pirb;err sb;EeYr %;nd;in b*bh;er \ a;db k;Yd;Y mu heY igeYizl;m.
   s;=;tk;er xImtI a;sf a;il beln ey c|g;em aS];g;r luN#n 1942Ar &;rt z;e; a;Nd;ln \ sb exeW ent;jIr a;E
.An.A. Sh;pn \ Sb;/Int; s'g;em ey;g ed\Y; Ab' per ibc;er AE b;ihnIr ent;edr mui enoesn;r n;ibkedr sxS] a;eNd;len muir pq edi%eY edY. in a;er; beln Shlesn; \ b;Yuesn;Y ibed;ehr pr enoesn;Y (y;r n;ibkr; an* dui$ esn;r ej;Y;nedr tuln;Y Ccixi=t izl) ibed;h h\Y; abx*;bI heY e#izl.
   xImtI a;sf a;il beln
'The 1942 open rebellion against British rule had, by and large, aroused, as never before, the sense of patriotism in the Indians serving in the British Indian army, Navy and Air Force. Till then they felt they were no more than mercenaries. But now they felt like patriots. my personal reaction naturally was one of elation because I felt that if the British offer of freedom proved to be a hoax, the recent RIAF and the present RIN protest actions were an indication that if negotiations with Cabinet Mission would end in failure, the next phase of India's struggle for freedom (with the military services participating) would be final and colonial rule would be buried once and for all.'
     xImtI a,; a;sf a;il a;r\ beln ey Ai$ /u imil$;ir ktROpe=r discrimination b; p=p;ittB aqb; enoesn;r inYmk;nuenr ibe n;ilx nY. Ai$ izl ibe$enr s;m;j*b;dI nIit h;j;r h;j;r inrIh S]IpuWek (1942A \ Ar per) ibn; k;re, egPt;r ker at*;c;r ker elohkp;e$r epzen bzerr pr bzr efel r;%; b j;Yg;Y aih's jnge,r \pr ilbWR, \ b el;ekr mOt*u (y;edr Akm;] apr;/ izl edexr muir jn* ai&y;n c;ileY y;\Y;) Et*;idr ibe sxS] ibed;h e`;W,; kr;. g;N/IjI ibi$x at*;c;rek leonine violence b; is'ehr k;m xe b,Rn; kerizeln. t-;r met AE ibed;eh pm;, hl ey puer; s;mirk b;ihnIetE ibi$xedr ibe crm aseNt;W zieY peez. A ibWeY ek;en; seNdh enE ey enoesn; ibed;h k*;iben$ imxenr icNt;/;r;ek Amn p&;ibt kerizl ey ag;S$ 1947 s;elE a;m;edr Sb;/Int; idet t;r; b;/* hY.
   AE pse^ xImtI a;sf a;il a;r\ beln ey
In 1942 I certainly did think since non-violence practised by most Congressmen since 1930 had hardly made any impact on the British colonialists' attitude towards the demand for Swaraj, I, rightly or wrongly, came to the conclusion that non-violent action was not enough and, therefore, had to be supplemented by more effective action which could be described as violent. Yes, I was aware of Gandhiji's disapproval of my encouragement to the RIN boys and at the point of time I openly disagreed with him. Despite this long span of time from 1946 to 1984, i.e., 38 years, I have no reason to revise my views.
xImtI a;sf a;lIr s;eq s;=;etr ab*biht perE a;im mu;EeYr emirn @;Ee&r xIk;iNt edx;EeYr b;iet (ytdUr men pe b;ii$r n;m izl iri&eYr;) xIem;r;rjI edx;EeYr s;eq s;=;_ kir. em;r;rjI&;E 1946 s;el t_k;lIn eb;;E r;ej*r gOhmN]I izeln \ itin ibi$x s;m;j*b;dIedr anugt anucr iheseb t-;r puilx b;ihnI ineY x;iNt r=; krb;r jn* ibed;hIedr sMu%In heYizeln yid\ puilxek il c;l;b;r a;edx edb;r s;hs t-;r hYin. s;=;tk;err smY xIem;r;rjI %ubE asuSh \ xy*;gt izeln; ikNtu a;m;edr se^ ed%; kret r;ij hn. in pqemE beln ey 1946 s;elr enoesn; ibed;h izl mutiny b; ibed;h strike b; /mR`$ nY. t;rper p;Y ibxi$ pexr er in AkE jb;b edn a;m;r ikzuE men enE.
     AEidn a;im ebsrk;rI ep;x;ekE izl;m. pridn bui ker a;m;r eni&r EinfmR per y;E \ pqem s*;lu$ Ab' t;rperE \-r p;eY h;t ideY p,;m kir. t;et itin at*Nt pIt heln \ aenk kq; bleln.
   in bleln ede%; eh et;m;edr n;ibkedr ibi$x srk;r ej;r ker eni&et &itR kernin. t-;r; sb;E eSbCz;Y AE c;kiret a;esn (they were volunteers and not conscripts). atAb t-;edr ibed;h b; /mR`$ krb;r ek;en;E ai/k;r izl n;. t-;edr m;Eenp] j;m;k;p %;b;rd;b;r q;kb;r j;Yg; b; aifs;redr aex;&n b*bh;err ibe n;ilx kret hel c;kir eqek EStf; ideY (em;r;rjI &;el; kerE j;netn ey imil$;ir c;kir eqek y%n EeCz EStf; ed\Y; y;Y n;) ibi/smt b; constitutional &;eb a;ipl kr; ict izl for the redressal of their greivances! imil$;iret b; puilx ibed;h a;Ensmt nY.
   a;im em;e$E men kir n; ey ibed;hI n;ibkedr ek;$R m;xR;l s;m;irk $;Y;l Et*;id ker c;kir eqek br%;St kr; ict hY in. teb a;im AE pitxӳit ideYizl;m ey ibed;hI n;ibkr; a;tsmpR, krel a;im AE ec; kreb; y;et t-;edr ibe aibc;r kr; n; hY. a;im A\ men kir n; ey ibed;hIedr Sb;/Int;r puebR b; per c;kiret ifireY en\Y; ict izl. a;im a;er; men kir ey enoesn; ibed;eh a;m;edr Sb;/Int; p;iPt tBr;inBt hYin. ibed;hIedr per Sb;/Int; s'g;mIedr epnxn ed\Y; em;e$E ict hYin. A-r; ik epnxn p;b;r jn* sb;/Int; yue enemizeln?
   ent;jIr a;E
.An.A seN/ in beln ey \-r met a;m;edr Sb;/Int; p;\Y;et ent;jIr b; t-;r ibed;hI sxS] b;ihnIr ek;nE abd;n izl n;. Sb;/Int; Aenizeln g;N/Iij. t;z;; smY ibi$x elb;r p;i$R\ buZet eperizeln ey &;rtbWRek a;r r;%; y;eb n;. t;E t-;r; a;m;edr edxek Sb;/Int; ideY g;N/Iijr h;et tuel edn.
   a;m;r ez;$ebl;k;r ipY bE 'Our India' (cix dxek pk;ixt) y;r el%k xIimnu m;s;inr s;eq\ AE smeY ed%; kir muEeYr k;l; e`;;r k;ez abiSht \-r aifes. ede% &;el; l;gel; ey iyin 1946 s;elr ibed;ehr smY Akjn k'egs es;x*;ilS$ hey esN$;l elijseli$& a*;esilr s&* izeln itin A%en; %ubE kmRb*St. enoesn; ibed;ehr pr 22ex efbӳY;rI 1946 k'egs es;x*;ilS$ p;i$Rr e@pui$ il@;r jn;b a;sf a;il AE ibed;ehr \pr Aki$ adjournment motion a;enn. AE pse^ xIm;s;in beln
'In a speech on the occasion, I appealed to the British to leave the country while there still was some Army, Navy and Air Force left for them........... The prestige of the authorities had been preserved because our national leaders of all parties were prepared in the interest of this country to endorse the call of the authorities. I wonder whether this kind of victory (on the part of the authorities) was worth having. The ratings who surrendered in the interest of the country, I said, were actually the moral victors of the struggle. Surely, I continued, the British Government did not have to wait for another mutiny. They should go while there was still some social stability and law and order left.'
   xIm;s;in a;er; beln ey srk;err eba;Ein a;edx am;n* kr; seN/ xIjYpk;x n;r;Y, y; belizen in t-;r se^ Akmt izeln. x]r s;eq yu kr; \ inejr j;t&;EeYr ibe bNduk /r; dui$ sMpU,R a;l;d; ijinW. ibexW ker y%n j;t&;EeYr; racial discrimination \ poor service conditions Ar jn* ] ib=ub \ apm;int eb;/ kerizeln Ab' national feelings t-;edr ibexW&;eb p&;ibt kerizl.
   ibed;ehr smY Defence Secretary izeln Philips Mason n;em Akjn ibix a;E.is.As. iyin Akjn &;rtepmI Ab' &;rt \ &;rtIYedr \pr keYki$ &;el; &;el; bEeYr gNh;g;r. t;r me/* &;rtIY Shlesn;r \pr el%; 'A Matter of Honour' %ub sm;dr p;Y. ibed;ehr 38 bzr b;ed t-;ek el%; px;blIr jb;eb itin ele%n
'I have suggested in my book A Matter of Honour that whenever there was a mutiny in the Indian armed forces, one could say there were three causes- a general feeling of unease and disquiet of political origin, some military grievance about food or dress or pay and, finally, bad officers. In the years leading up to the partition and independence, there was widespread uncertainty about the political future and anxiety about affairs at home.'
   pit j\hrl;l enh \ sdR;r b&&;E p*;e$l dujenE ibed;ehr sMpU,R ibe izeln Ab' t-;edr trIr p;l eqek ibed;hIr; aenk%;in h;\Y; b;r ker en\Y;et at*Nt ]u heYizeln. ibed;h cl;k;el mu;EeY j\hrl;elr &gI xImtI kO; h;it is'Ar k;rm;Eekl er;e@r b;iet A-r; dujn Ab' a;er; keYkjn ibix b*i eymn b*bs;YI xIe&$r;\ \gel xIac*u_ p|b/Rn (Ein per xI ej kOmUitRr ixW* heYizeln \ ec;EeYr a;xem izeln t;E idiet t-;r sfdrj^ er;@Sh b;s&ben b;rb;r igeY\ s;=;_ hYin) A-r &;E xIjn;dRn p|b/Rn xIa;p; pNh Ab' ikzu enoesn;r aifs;relf$n*;N$ km;;r (per a*;@imr;l \ eni& cIf) r;md;s k;$;ir elfe$n*;N$ km;;r (per irY;r a*;@imr;l) As. ij. kmR;rkr \ elfe$n*;N$ (per a*;@imr;l \ eni& cIf) As. An. ek;hil a;el;cn;r jn* similt hn.
   Aki$ s;=;tk;er a*;@imr;l kmR;rkr bleln
'As usual Mr. Nehru went off the track and started talking about youth, enthusiasm, aspiration, etc. My colleagues asked Mr. Nehru whether he would be supportive of the youth if they resorted to doing things like staging a mutiny in a well-regulated service. This upset the old man and he got angry,'
   a*;@imr;l ek;hil t-;r s;=;tk;er bleln After arrival at Mrs. Hathisingh's house, we waited for our turn. When we went in, Panditji said : What can I do for you?' I was taken aback because I thought he had sent for us. When my two companions did not say very much, I piped up, 'At no time has the Congress so far given the armed forces clear guidelines or a clear directive on how to conduct themselves in the present politically disturbed conditions in the country.' Panditji went red in the face and retorted : ' Thank you for teaching me my job.'
    t_k;lIn &;retr &;EsrY l@R \eYe&l 22ex m;cR 1946A Aki$ irep;$R ele%n 'The last three months have been anxious and depresing. They have been marked by continuous and unbridled abuse of the Government, of the British, of officials and the police, in political speeches, in practically the whole of the Press, and in the (Central Legislative) Assembly; by serious rioting in Bombay; by a mutiny in the RIN, much indiscipline in the RIAF, some unrest in the Indian Army; by an unprecedented drought and famine conditions over many parts of India; by threatened strikes on the Railways and in the Posts and Telegraphs; by a general sense of insecurity and lawlessness. It is a sorry tale of misfortune and folly. Perhaps the best way to look at it is that India is in the birth- pangs of a new order; that birth-pangs are never pleasant and often dangerous; and that sometimes the crude methods of Indian 'midwives' are notorious but not always fatal.....'
      mh;t; g;N/I\ h#;_ enoesn;Y ibed;h h\Y;r ]u \ ibcilt hn. 26ex efbӳY;rI 1946 aqR;_ ibed;hIedr a;tsmpRe,r zidn pr g;N/Iij Aki$ ibbOitet t-;r :m; pk;x kern. itin beln ey pit enh \ sdR;r p*;e$elr pr;mxR en ibed;hIr; a;tsmpR, kr;et itin iniXcNt eb;/ krezn. ibed;hIedr eb;Z; ict ey t;r; a;tsmpR, kr;et t-;edr sm;nh;in hYin. teb ibed;h ker t-;r; %ubE an*;Y kerezn. t-;edr yid ek;n kiLpt b; b;Stibk n;ilx q;ket; et; t-;r; edexr r;jwnitk ent;edr pr;mxR inet p;retn. g;N/Iij ikN\ em;r;rjI&;EeYr met; &;el;&;ebE j;netn ey s;mirk b;ihnIr esn;edr r;jwnitk ent;edr se^ s'SpxR r;%; ek;$R m;xR;el dnIY hb;r met; apr;/. t-;r AE pedex m*;ikY;e&ilr (Machiavelli- r;jwnitk zlc;turIr pqm p;#*puStk Il Principe Ar el%k mOt*u 1527) icNt;/;r; pitib p;\Y; y;eCz n; ik ?
     g;N/Iij a;r\ beln ek;en; revolutioary political party r entOtB z;; enoesn;r n;ibkedr ibed;h ker edex Sb;/Int; a;nb;r b; eni&r ab*bSh; sur;h; krb;r ek;en;E s;bn; izl n;. &ul peq cl;Y AE n;ibkedr b; &;retr =itE heYez ek;n l;& hYin. xImtI a,; a;sf a;il hYet; men kern ey n;ibkr; ibed;h ker t;edr exoyR b; pr;m edi%eYez; ikNtu a;m;r met A$; a;tht*; kr;r met; eb;k;im heYizl. a,; a;er; belez ey Sb;/Int; a;net ey peq s;fl* p;\Y; y;eb es ih's; a/mR b; aih's; /mRE eh;k t;E a;m;edr c;E. AE icNt;/;r; b; &;bn; sMpU,R &ul. a,;ek a;im ij+;s; kret c;E a;m;edr p;i$Rr aih's;/mIR nIit abln ker a;mr; Sbr;ejr idek ik AigeY y;iCz n; (a;b;r m*;ikY;e&il)? a;m;r met Ayurg Sb;/Int; yue Aki$E aS] b*bh;yR aih's;.
enoesn; ibed;h ekn heYizl ibed;h n; hel ik ht ibed;ehr ik pitiY; hy ibed;eh a;m;edr Sb;/Int; p;iPt AigeY Aesizl ikn; a;m;edr r;jwnitk ent;r; ibi$x ktORpe=r s;eq h;t imileY ibed;hIedr dmn krb;r ec; kerizl ikn; ibed;hIedr pit AE ent;edr men WR; j;gt heYizl ikn; Et*;id ps^ esE smY s;r; pOiqbIet a;el;ict heYizl. teb Akq; anSbIk;yR ey ibed;hIr; yid t-;edr pirkLpn;met; Ak m;s ik dum;s &;retr p/;n bNdrilek bN/ ere% a;md;in/rPt;nI sMpU,R&;eb bN/r;%et; t;hel ibi$x x;sn aicerE exW heY a;m;edr Sb;/Int; p;iPt aNtt" Ak bzr AigeY eyet;.
     ibed;ehr k;r, \ pitiY; ibexWe, a;im xI ib.is. der 'Mutiny of Innocents' eqek t-;r anbd* &;W;Y el%; dui$ tBpU,R anueCzd A%;en Ot kriz. 'If there ever was a revolutionary situation in India, it was there in the mid-forties. The mushroom clouds if smoke over the two Japanese cities had buried under its fallout much that man had cherised. Along with it went the prevalent notions of imperial glory. In India a new generation had grown by wearing the soldier's uniform and exulting in the sound of gunfire. Most of them wanted the total overthrow of the Raj. The means did not matter much. Nor were they at that point of time in Indian history, yhe only ones to feel the way they did. Other segments of the society were aiso similarly inclined. But the (political) leadership would not have it. They nipped what the young thought was the revolution in the bud. There were reasons for such an attitude. The Mahatma, of course, was dead-set against violence, whatever the cause. But his followers were an old, tired lot in a hurry for freedom during their lifetime at any price. It is true that the Mahatma wanted to give the British another chance to prove their bonafides. If they failed, the Mahatma intended to rally the country for another battle. He did not get that chance. He had to accept the partition of the country, because his lieutenants did not give him another choice. For once, and at the most crucial and heart-breaking of times, everything went against him. The leaders were a tired lot, veterans of many battles, now turned old and impatient. It wwas natural; they were only being human; above all, characteristically Indian. Their actions were in total accord with the national character.'
xIder &;W;Y a;ez buijIbIsul& \ bYes;ict pirpKt; &;rtIY Eith;esr AE water shed `$n;i$ek a;NtjR;itk k*;n&;es ed%b;r =mt; \ sU= ibexW, y;r pit/Bin p;E l@R \eYe&elr irepR;e$ \ Philip Mason, Jack Gibson Et*;id b E'erj el%kedr (y-;edr me/* ebx keYkjn esE smY &;rtIY enoesn;Y E'erj aifs;rr; edex ifer igeY Aki$ RIN Association Sh;pn ker pit bzr Akb;r Aki$ a;el;cn;ce a;j\ imilt hn. A-r; &;rtIY enoesn;ek A%n\ g&Ir&;eb &;el;b;esn \ A-edr mt;metr s;eq xIder mNteb*r a;XcyR iml ed%; y;Y.
     itIY mh;yu cl;k;lIn &;rtIY Shlesn; \ b;yuesn;r ibed;ehr se^ i#kmet; co-ordination hel efbӳY;rI 1946 Ar enoesn; ibed;h a;m;edr Sb;/Int; tBr;inBt kret p;ret;. t;hel 1857 1930 \ per ent;jIr a;E
.An.Ar Sb;/Int; ey;;r; y; eceYizeln a% Sb;/In &;rt t; sb h\Y;et ek;en; b;/; hYet; het; n; yid a;m;edr jr;&;r;;Nt r;jwnitk ent;r; t-;edr jIibtk;elE Sb;/Int;r fl e&;g krb;r Sb;eqR edxek idB%it kret r;ij n; hetn. A-r; \ A-edr anubtIRg, gt 86 bzr AE kq; c;p; edb;r ec; ker a;sezn. ikN\ a;j Sb;/Int;r perr adRxt;Ir perspectiveib+jenr; sb;E SbIk;r kern ey a;m;edr nation stateAr mui s'g;em jYmukue$r m/*mi, heY enoesn;r Sb;/Int; y icrk;l Bl heY q;keb. a;b;r a;pn;edr men kireY idE x;eS] bel jleYm ys* bleYm ts*.
   ibxB&;rtIr p;n p;c;yR xIinm;E s;/n bsu klk;t;r btRm;n pi]k;r (15E a;gS$ 2000) Sb;/Int; s'%*;Y ile%ezn ey sb idk ibc;r ker idBtIY ibxB mh;yuer pr E'erjr; ihesr ker ede%izl &;ret ibi$x x;sn k;eYm ere% l;e&r eqek el;ks;n hiCzl aenk ebix. AE yuedr zbzer ibi$x dB;r; dux bzer wtir AedxI ibedxI im]edr smqRn \ shey;igt; ibi$x
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    'India Wins Freedom' geNh empl;n; a;j;d ele%n ey a;j;d ihNd efoejr s'g;m \ enoibed;h ibi$xedr buiZeY ideYizl ey at"pr &;retr r;jwnitk sms*;r seNt;Wjnk sm;/;n z;; ek;n\ p;Y enE. &;rtIY wsn*b;ihnIr \pr a;r in&Rr kr; y;eb n; Ab' b;Eer eqek ibi$x wsn*b;ihnI Aen At b edex x;snxOl; Ab' ai/k;r r=; kr;r icNt; ab;Stb b;tult; m;]. E'erj eSbCz;Y nY `$n;blI Ab' t_k;lIn piriShit \ peY;jenr c;epE &;rtbWRek Sb;/Int; idet b;/* heYizl.

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1. An Idea of India- sunIl i%ll;in.
2. Report of the RIN Mutiny Commossion of Enquiry 1946 (Chairman- Sir Sayed Fazl Ali, Chief Justice
of Patna High Court; Judicial Members- Mr. Justice K.S. Krishnaswamy Iyengar, Chief Justice of the then Cochin State and Mr. Justice M.C. Mahajan, Judge of the Lahore High Court; Service Members- Vice Admiral W.R. Patterson, Flag Officer Commanding the Cruiser Squardon in the East Indies Fleet, and Major General T.W. Rees, Commander of the Fourth Indian Division).
3. Mutiny of the Innocents- xIib.is. d

4. A Matter of Honour by Philips Mason, I.C.S., td;nINtn &;rt srk;err r=; sicb \ Akjn &;rtepmI.
5. As I Saw It by Jack Gibson. Ein yue
r smY Short Service Commission epeY &;rtIY enob;ihnIet izeln Ab' per Doon School, a;jmIer Mayo College \ pu,;Y National Defence Academy et Principal heYizeln.
6. The Transfer of Power by Nicholas Mansergh.
7. 194647 s;elr
keYki$ E'irij wdink pi]k; (idir enh imijY;m l;Eebiret s'ri=t)
8. s;=;tk;rxImtI a,; a;sf a;il xIem;r;rjI edx;E xIimnu m;s;in xIib.is. d xImdn is' km;;r a;r.An.
b;suedb km;;r As.As. igl a*;@imr;l A.ek. c*;$;ijR km;;r ip.Am. &;igRj irY;r a*;@imr;l As.ij.kmR;rkr a*;@imr;l As.An. ek;hil.
9. p];el;cn; &;Es a*;@imr;l a;r.ek.As. g;N/I elfe$n*;N$ km;;r i$. exp;@R km;;r As. ejms k*;eP$n ip.AEc. ilY;rmN$ elfe$n*;N$ km;;r E.Am.x km;;r Am.As.a;E.Sb;mI km;;r is. n;r;Y,n km;;r ip.Am.&;igRj (A-r; ibed[;ehr smY &;rtIY enoesn;Y izeln).
10. el%ekr a;;r $u Anisns irs;cR epp;r men;g;f \ gt i]x bzerr el%; pk;ixt rcn;.


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smud[ mNqn 7 " eno esn;r p;Yr; @;k b*bSh;
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smud[ mNqn 9 " a;Nd;m;n inek;br \ l;=; Ippu

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