&;rtIY enob;ihnIr rY*;l ebgl $;Eg;r
itIY mh;yue AEc. Am. a;E. As. ebgelr a&UtpUbR ibjYk;ihnI

   p[is ith;isk a;nR; $Ynib t-;r ib%*;t A Study of History g[eNqr Ak j;Yg;Y ile%ezn Ejerelr ez;| ix David - Ar h;et ifilSt;En (Philistine) x;lp[;' mh;&Uj Goliath Ar s'h;err met; `$n; pOiqbIr Eith;es aenk j;Yg;Y b;r b;r p;\Y; egez. itin a;r\ belezn Amn aenk Nd ilipb a;ez y;et heYez dubRelr ibjY " The victory of a military formation whose orderly evolutions could accomplish ten times as much as the unco-ordinated efforts of an equal numberof equally armed hoplite champions (sxS] g[Ik ey;;). Between the defeat of Goliath to the French victory over Murad Bey, the last of the cataphracts (mh;ey;;) to the victory of the Vietnamese guerillas - vastly inferior in equipment but far more adept at joining battle on their chosen terrain and terms, there have been scores of examples of the mighty being toppled by a weak but determined and trained adversary." AE rkmE Aki$ Bl dO;Nt hl itIY mh;yue rY*;l EiN@Y;n eni&r HMIS (His Majesty's Indian Ship) Bengal ;r; Aki$ xix;lI j;p;in a;mR@ erE@;rek (armed raider - heavily armed merchant ship ) e@;b;en; \ a;r\ Aki$ a;mR@ erE@;rek yue pr;ijt ker ibt;it kr;. btRm;n a;el%*i$ esE prm er;mhWRk ibjYk;ihnI.

     &;rtIY eni&r jn* itIY mh;yuk;lIn c;ri$ m;EnsuEp;r (Minesweeper) j;h;j aeS$[ilY;r is@inet wtrI kr; hY HMIS Bengal, Bombay, Madras \ Punjab. p[iti$ 733 $enr j;h;j izl lMb;Y 186 fu$ c\;Y 31 fu$ \ jelr tl;Y (draught) 8 fu$ pyRNt izl.e@kA izl Aki$ 12p;;r j;h;jib/B'sI k;m;n \ 4i$ emisng;n. j;h;ejr sebR;Cc git izl m;] 15 n$ 30ik.im. p[it `N$;Y.Aedr at*Nt ibpdsul k;j hl ndIr em;hn;Y bNder b; smud[bNderr p[ebxpeq screening ker x]r ;r; p;t; xix;lI ibeSf;rk \ j;h;jib/B'sI jelr e&terr b; &;sm;n m;En (Mine) %-uej b;r kr; Ab' esil /B's kr;. ebgl j;h;ji$ 1942 s;elr m;Z;m;iZ wtrI hY Ab' t;r jn* aifs;r \ n;ibkedr &;rtbWR eqek p;#;en; hY. j;h;ej scamanship, navigation, minesweeping \ weapon training- Ar\ beNd;bSt kr; heYizl A-edr jn*. ikNtu smY;&;eb t; sMpU,R hb;r a;egE j;h;ji$ek kimxn ker Aki$ \lNd;j $*;;r em;$r e&sl ain;r (M V Ondina) seg t;r inr;p;r jn* if{m*;N$l (Fremamtle) eqek &;rtIY mh;s;gerr Ippu c;gs a;rikepl;eg;r (Chagos Archipelago) idek r\n; kireY ed\Y; hY. ebgelr k*;pe$n izeln elfe$n*;N$ km;;r @ib. ej. Elsn \ ani@n; j;h;ejr m;;r izeln EilY;m hsRm*;n. ebgelr Aiiki$& aifs;r izeln elfe$n*;N$ jYxr emehr; iyin per kem;e@;r heY &;rtIY eni& eqek absr enn. b;ik aifs;r \ n;ibkr; &;rtIY izeln.

   1942 s;elr 5 ne&Mbr AE dui$ j;h;j bNdr eqek r\n; hY \ 11 ne&Mbr j;&;r 1000 ni$k*;l m;El 1 ni$k*;l m;El = 2000 gj di=,piXcem Aes ep-ozY. esE smeY AE j;yg;Y b j;p;in yuj;h;j AY;rA*;f$ k*;irY;r s;bemirn \ a;mR@ erE@;r $hl idiCzl Ab' b ib[i$x a;emirk;n \ &;rtIY yu y;i]b;hI Amnik m;lb;hI j;h;j\ a;]m, ker @uibeY idiCzl. teb %br p;\Y; igeYizl ey AE j;h;jil ikzuidenr jn* an*] ineY y;\Y; heYez Ab' a;x; kr; igeYizl ey ani@n; \ ebgl inr;ped c;gs ;rikepl;eg; igeY ep-ozeb. t_se\ j;h;j cl;k;el luka;$r; (look-outs) c;ridek k; njr ere%izl Ab' g;n;r;r bNduk \ k;m;n a*;kxn eri@ ker ere% ideY izl.

   dupuerr idek h#;_ ed%; egl ey Aki$ 10000 h;j;r $enr j;p;in a;mR@ erE@;r y;et c;ri$ 5.5 Ei k;m;n l;g;en;
AE k;m;enr Ak Aki$ eg;l;r \jn izl Ak kuEN$*;elr k;z;k;iz d[tgitet AE dui$ j;h;ejr idek AigeY a;sez.

   ani@n; \ ebgl j;h;j dui$ AE j;p;in j;h;ji$r k;ez eg;ilY;eqr s;men e@i&e@r met;E xiet \ gitet tuCz. aqc b*;p;r$; Amn h#;_ heY egl ey p;l;b;r pq\ izl n; j;p;in j;h;ji$ t%n m;] 8 ni$k*;l m;El dUer.

   ebej egl j;h;ejr a*;l;mR ebl. k;m;en emixng;en bNduek eg;l;b;d &r; hl. p[et*ki$ aifs;r \ n;ibk inejr inejr action station - A mjut heY egl. ebgelr ebper;Y; k*;eP$n Elsn \ an*n*r; mnSq kreln x] ytE xix;lI eh;k t;ek a;]m, kr; z;; p;Y enE kereg EY; mereg

   ibpedr \pr ibpd AEsmY h#;_ l=* kr; egl ey a;r Aki$ 8000 $enr j;p;in a;mRN@ erE@;r a;r Ak idk eqek
d[tgitet AigeY a;sez. t;r e@ek\ c;ri$ 5.5 Ei k;m;n. k*;eP$n EilYm $*;;r ani@n; j;h;ejr m;S$;rek bleln yt
xI`[ sM&b yue=] eqek ser eyet Ab' eri@\et an*;n* j;h;jek %br idet. inej pU,Rib]em p[qm j;p;in j;h;ji$et a;]m, krb;r sLp ineY esi$r idek AigeY y;\Y;r smY itin h#;_ ed%eln ey ani@n; j;h;ji$ yue=] eqek ser n; igeY t;r ez;$ k;m;n ineY itIY j;h;ji$r idek AigeY y;eCz \ eg;l;bWR, krez.

   Arperr `$n;i$ ebgelr k*;eP$n elfe$n;N$ km;;r Elsenr &;W;Y a;im x]r be; j;h;ji$r idek mirY; heY Asp;r ik \sp;r krb;r jn* d[tgitet y;iCz a;r j;h;ji$\ a;m;r idek tIb[ebeg AigeY a;sez. dUrtB y%n 3500 gj t%n \E j;h;ji$r k;m;n a;m;r idek gjR;et krel;. a;im\ eg;l; c;l;l;m Ab' y%n dUrtB m;] 3000 gj t%n a;m;edr keYki$ eg;l; j;p;in j;h;ji$et igeY l;gel;. \E j;h;ejr keYki$ eg;l;\ a;m;edr j;h;ej Aes l;gel; \ ebx =it krel;. ikNtu a;m;edr keYki$ eg;l; eso&;g*bxt" j;h;ji$r eg;l;`er igeY l;g;Y h#;_ t;r e@ek m;Stul pyRNt -cu a;enr lklek ix%; ed%; idl. j;h;ji$ ikNtu a;m;edr idek eg;l; z-ueE cll.

   \idek an* j;p;in j;h;ji$\ a;m;edr dui$ j;h;ejr idek eg;l; z-uet kerez yid\ 8000 gj dUr eqek. a;mr;\ a;m;edr ez;$ k;m;n ideY smuict jb;b ideY y;iCz. tt=e, dui$ j;p;in j;h;j imel a;m;edr idek p[;Y 400 eg;l; z-ueez Ab' t;r ebx keYki$ a;m;edr elegez Ab' p[cur =it kerez. ikNtu a;mr; a;r\ AigeY eglum Ab' a;m;edr k;m;enr gjRn\ c;lu r;%lum.

   h#;_ ed%; egl p[qm j;p;in j;h;ji$ eqek a;eGnYigirr met; aGnu*_p;t hl a;r Aki$ ibr;$ ibeSf;re, j;h;ji$ $uker; $uker; heY e keYk bgRm;El j;Yg; jue zieY pl a;r /Ier /Ier @ueb egl.
a;m;edr eg;l;b;d t%n exW heY Aesez ikNtu yu a;r\ du`N$; c;lu rEl. itIY j;p;in j;h;ji$ a;m;edr idek eg;l; z-uet q;kl be$ ikNtu %ub k;ez a;sb;r s;hs ker in. a;m;edr ez;| m;EnsuEp;ri$ t;r ez;$ k;m;n ineY itIY j;p;in j;h;ji$ek\ e@;b;b;r jn* bpirkr heY yu c;ileY egl.

   %;ink b;ed a;m;edr j;h;ejr g;eY x]r eg;l;Y fue$; heY keYki$ kMp;$RemeN$ jl !uket l;gl Ab' keYki$ aifs;redr ekiben a;n eleg egl. ani@n; j;h;ej due$; j;p;in $epRe@; Aes l;eg t;et j;h;ji$r m;S$;r EilYm hsRm*;n m;r; y;n. an*;n* aifs;r \ n;ibkr; ed%eln $*;;ri$ @ueb y;eCz.
A-edr keYkjn y%n l;Efeb;e$ n;emn t%n j;p;inr; t;edr il ker emer edY.

   a;m;r j;h;ej AEsmY a;er; Aki$ eg;l; Aes l;g;Y Ak j;Yg;Y a;n /er egl. a;m;r eg;l;b;d\ t%n fuireY Aesez atAb a;im \ $*;;err el;ekr; inejedr b-;c;b;r jn* e/-;Y;r a;br, sOi ker t;r a;;el j;p;in j;h;ji$ek a;b;r a;]m, krl;m. `N$;%;enk b;ed j;p;inedr k;m;n gjRn /Ier /Ier bN/ hl \ e/-;Y;r a;br, pirSk;r het ed%; egl ey j;p;in j;h;ji$ p;ileY egez. a;mr; t%n j;p;in p[qm j;h;ji$r l;Efeb;$ eqek el;ekedr et;lb;r jn* k;ez igeY edi% Akjn j;p;in\ b-;ec in. hY a;en pue n; hY jel @ueb m;r; egez sb;E.

   ani@n; j;h;ejr abix n;ibk \ aifs;rr; a;/e@;b; j;h;ji$ek ek;n\rkem &;iseY ere% aenk ke aeS$[ilY;r if{m*;N$l bNder ifireY ineY eyet eperizl. ebgl j;h;ji$ apiremY =it seB\ t;r aifs;r \ n;ibkr; enoyue atulnIY s;hiskt;r pircY ere% is'helr kleMb; bNder abexeW ep-ozY.

   bNderr b;Eer ebx keYki$ j;h;j pt;k; s*;il$ ideY a&*qRn; ker ebgl j;h;ji$ek. at"pr yu jeYr a;nNd;nu;en puer; bNdri$ek susit kr; hY. h;j;r h;j;r el;k p;e d-;ieY h;tt;il ideY jY/Bin krl \ ibgl b;j;l. AEc.Am.a;E.As. ebgl eji$et igeY l;getE imil$;ir b*;er b;jn;Y t;edr sMm;int kr; hl. j;h;ejr aifs;r \ n;ibkedr Aki$ rin x;imY;n;Y ineY ideY sMm;n j;n;en; hl mh;sm;der.

   per y%n ebgl j;h;ji$ muMbE ep-ozY t%n\ t;ek AkE rkm&;eb sMb/Rn; j;n;en; heYizl. s*;r k;\Y;sij j;h;igr hel Ak ibexW anu;en j;h;ejr sb;Eek purSkOt kr; hl. p[x'snIY entOtB d;enr jn* ebgelr k*;eP$n elfe$n;N$ km;;r Elsnek Distinguished Service Order - A &UiWt kr; hY. j;h;ejr ili@' ism*;n Esm;El em;hMmd epeln Indian Distinguished Service Medal t-;r gallantry and devotion to duty-r jn* Ab' epi$ aifs;r em;hMmd Eb[;ihm iyin izeln 12 p;;r k;m;enr Enc;jR epeln Indian Order of Merit for setting an excellent example of steadfastnessand resolution and for using his weapon to the very best advantage even after the Bengal had been hit by enemy gunfire.'

   HIMS Bengal y%n p[m;, ker idl ey es a;m;edr enob;ihnIr rY*;l ebgl $;Eg;r t%n Akjn ib[i$x aifs;r t;r \pr Aki$ kibt; il%eln "

H.I.M.S. Bengal
B for the brave little ship Bengal
And the boom of her one 12-pounder small.

E for the engines swift and strong
Which kept her going and never went wrong.

N for thr nerve of the captain bold
And the men who did what they were told.

G for the gun and its gallant crew
Who fired away till black and blue.

A for the action plucky and stout
Which the tanker took and fought it out.

L for the leather with which both want
And the luck of the day which the heavens sent.

   1945 s;elr em m;es ebgl beMb \ p;;b j;h;j
ki$ j;p;inedr a/InSq ergun a;]m, ker \ bNderr
p[ebxpeq aenk m;En /B's ker p[ebxpq %uel edY.
\E kmRk;i$r n;m izl Operation Dracula. 1945 Ar eseP$Mbr \ ae;ber m;l;K; p[,;lIet\ m;En /B;esr k;j ker AE j;h;j itni$. Sb;/Int;r smY ebgl beMb \ m*;@[;s ineY 31st Minesweeping Squadron gi#t hY. AE j;h;jilek zui$ ideY Aedr decommision aqR;_ aeNt*i i]Y; kr; hl sudI`R b;er; bzr b;ed efb[Y;rI 1959 s;el.

  1954 s;el Indian Navy et kimxn p;\Y;r pr a;im keYk m;s ebgl j;h;ej a;m;r s;muid[k p[ix=, kir. ttiden j;h;ejr el;ekr; sb;E bdel igeYizl ikNtu rY*;l ebgl $;Eg;ri$ t%n\ yuer jn* sd;p[Stut.

  $eYnibr geLpr met; j;h;ji$ A st*ek pun"Sq;pn kerez ey Z-uik enb;r s;hs q;kel ey ek;en; e@i&@ ey ek;en; eg;l;Y;qek pr;St kret p;er.

  &;rtIY enoesn; b;ihnIr Eith;es AE ez;| ebgelr ibr;$ yujY icrk;elr jn* s;hs \ bIeyRr Aki$ j;jBl*m;n dO;Nt heY q;keb.

" sUicp] "
smud[ mNqn 1 " &;rtIY enob;ihnIr rY*;l ebgl $;Eg;r
smud[ mNqn 2 " smud[pq " &;rtIY iteh*r rt;g;r
smud[ mNqn 3 " &;rtIY s;muidk iteh* Ak njr
smud[ mNqn 4 " ezciexr enoibed;h
smud[ mNqn 5 " j;h;j inmR;e, &;retr itih*k _kWR
smud[ mNqn 6 " edxegorb i]ibm
smud[ mNqn 7 " eno esn;r p;Yr; @;k b*bSh;
smud[ mNqn 8 " a;Nd;m;n \ inek;br &;retr s;muidk phrI
smud[ mNqn 9 " a;Nd;m;n inek;br \ l;=; Ippu

a;kR;E& sUicp]

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